RMAX International

With headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, RMAX International provides superior physical preparedness, strength conditioning, and other fitness programs and services. For over 20 years, RMAX International has focused on developing and offering the most efficient, health-first fitness programs on the market. The goal is to promote safe and effective fitness training across all skill levels, ages, and physical capabilities. Our coaches and instructors are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, rigorous certification requirements, and a commitment to health-first fitness thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service available in the fitness industry.

As pioneers in an industry that generally favors the belief that more is better, RMAX International is being recognized for our deviation that only “better is better”. Our extensive research and unwavering commitment to develop specially catered, health conscious exercise has led us to create a wide variety of such programs to cater to all individual needs. From the most elite athletes and military units, to scholastic children’s programs and everything in between, RMAX International offers fitness for all. We have thousands of instructors teaching our programs across the world, scores of books and DVDs, and dozens of digital programs available for our clients looking to improve their quality of life.

Unlike other fitness companies, RMAX International believes in a complete mind and body approach to fitness. We emphasize the importance of the journey towards our goals, not just the focus on the destination. We have developed physical preparedness programs (TACFIT) for some of the most elite military units in the world to make sure they are always more prepared than the challenges they face. This tactical approach is now available to the public and is also evident in our other programs such as Circular Strength Training, Clubbell Athletics and more.RMAX International is the patent holder for the Clubbell, a piece of workout equipment derived from old Indian Clubs and the likes. The Clubbell is known as the “ancient tool for the modern athlete” with a global resurgence in Clubbell swinging and training and continues to gain popularity.

In order to keep the strictest standards of excellence with the programs we offer, RMAX International licenses certified instructors, coaches, and team leaders to teach their respective programs for a period of 2 years. Certifications are strenuous and must be earned,they are not awarded for attendance and participation. We have regional directors that coordinate events, certifications, and manage operations in their respective regions of the world. These directors work hard to keep the integrity and structure of our corporation running at an optimal level. We believe that fitness is a whole-body experience, and therefore we refuse to take shortcuts and permit the dilution of our message.

Health-first, functional fitness, that will better prepare you for the challenges you face, help you unlock flow, increase strength and dramatically improve your quality of life is our work at RMAX International.