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Our spines were designed to bear the weight of our bodies by maintaining a certain shape. The greatest injustice we have offered our spines is to immobilize them in non-weight bearing positions for extended periods of time (i.e. sitting) that literally changes its shape. This practice is modern day society’s greatest sickness, immobility has become an epidemic.

Scott Sonnon, was the first to introduce the discipline of mobility training to the fitness industry in the late 1990’s.  His book Free to Move expanded on the practice by introducing the Intu-Flow® Longevity system to offer a solution to this modern day sickness.

Today fitness and mobility are thought of as synonymous but they act independently, and influence each other as separate modalities. In other words, in order to improve your mobility it must be practiced as a stand-alone discipline outside of your daily fitness routine. The Intu-flow Longevity system offers us a framework for this practice.

The Intu-Flow Longevity system provides a systematic approach to lubricating every single joint in your body and teaches you how to increase complexity in your ability to move freely. Ageless Mobility Reborn was developed over many years of teaching this practice in a class format, where common mobility deficits in people of all ages were exposed.

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Our bodies were made to move in complex patterns but the busy-ness of today’s culture locks us into repetitive tasks, and without knowing it these tasks end up shaping our bodies. In order to get back in touch with the patterns that allow us the freedom to move, we must start with the basics, the fundamentals.
This is what Ageless Mobility® Reborn is all about.

There is an intelligence inside of us all that can be tapped into if we follow a specific sequence. This sequence is obvious if we observe the motor development of babies. In the womb the developing fetus starts out as a large mass with a tail growing off of it; this mass will develop into a brain, and the tail into a spinal cord. After 6 weeks of conception we start to see arm and leg buds. Upon birth babies learn how to use their upper body before their lower body and develop motor skills from the center of the body outwards. From top to bottom, and from the inside out. This development is referred to as the proximal-distal cephalo-caudal trend and was what Coach Sonnon used to develop his systematic approach.

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The link between physical health and exercise has been recognized since antiquity. After the Industrial Revolution it was observed for the first time in human history that exercise was now a necessary daily activity for overall health and well-being. Ageless Mobility Reborn is not the first attempt at offering individuals a simplified approach to maintaining their health. Walter Camp (1859-1925), known as the “Father of American Football,” created the Daily Dozen in the early 1900’s for this same reason. Around the same time the feud between Eugene Sandow (1867-1925) and Arthur Saxon (1878-1921) for the “World’s Strongest Man” was raging. From a purely observational study, all of these individuals had one thing in common when it came to exercise.... structure. Heels together, feet out at 45 degrees. This platform of the lower body provides a base for the spine to elongate from, creating space between each vertebrae.

This truth allows us access to the intelligence that is hibernating inside of our bodies and can be sensed in a feeling, the feeling of holding your spine strong. Mobility is the goal, but it is important to note that not all joints are mobile. There are some joints like the knees and the lower back that are required to be stable to hold us up. Unfortunately life has a way of providing just enough distraction to keep you oblivious to this feeling. Ageless Mobility Reborn is an attempt to provide you with a reminder that you have more control of your body that you perceive, and the more you can stay connected to your spine, the more freedom you will gain in your ability to move without aches and pain. Alice Hoffman is credited with the quote “Once you know some things, you cannot un-know them. It is a burden that can never be given away.” This is the burden that we impart upon you.

There are sensations in your body that you will be prompted to continuously remain aware of throughout the program in order to maintain this connection. These sensations that are felt provide feedback for our brains that we are maintaining correct posture. Remember that your brain is essentially locked in a dark box and uses the senses to interpret the world around it. Only when posture can be felt as a sensation can it truly be practiced in movement. This practice is more than just mobility, it requires deliberate intention to stay present... to be mindful at all times. Again you must first develop the sensation of holding your spine strong! If this connection is lost then your brain shifts right back into compensation mode without you even knowing it. That is why the program is broken into three different segments, attention is a muscle and must be trained as such. There is a time limit on our ability to stay engaged in a given task especially when it is a new experience and that time limit is different for everyone. When you find that your mind is drifting and the connection to your spine has been lost hit pause, take a break, and return when you can connect once more.

Once you get connected to this feeling, the rest is simple, just follow the sequence. You see every joint in our body has a specific way to move, we refer to these as ranges. The jaw has 3 ways to move, the neck has 5 ways to move, the shoulders have 4, the arms have 6 and so on. These are the fundamentals we discussed earlier. If any of these ranges are forgotten due to disuse our brains find a way to move regardless and mobility must be leeched from other places in order to accomplish the patterns you call it to perform; compensation is the result. Every time you attempt to move without first connecting to your spine and removing these compensations they get stronger and inevitably lead to dysfunction. This is not the end of the road, our brains continually stack these compensations against us if not addressed and dysfunctions eventually lead to pain.... it is the last thing to come, and the first thing to go.

The program was designed to be accessible to anyone at any age.

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When we practice moving each joint through this sequence while maintaining structure, it secretes a slippery substance known as synovial fluid. This is the lubricant that helps our joints glide free and effortlessly providing the ability to move without discomfort or pain. Starting from your jaw this synovial fluid is secreted and by the time you finish at your toes, the entire body has been bathed in this age defying substance. Specific breathing drills have been infused into this sequence to first re-direct your tension to the core where it needs to be; and then provide a way to release that tension as the practice comes to an end.

Ageless Mobility Reborn follows fundamental principles to develop a program that is broken down into three segments, the upper body, the spine, and the lower body. Each sequence is between 10 and 20 minutes long. Prior to beginning the program there are two segments that review structure (how to hold your spine), as well as instructions on how to perform the breathing drills that are included in the sequence. The program was designed to be accessible to anyone at any age. Each segment can be done individually, or follow along through all 3 consecutively, starting with the upper body, moving to the spine, and finishing with the lower body for a complete reset of the entire nervous system. The practice can be done up to 7 days a week to keep the joints healthy and lubricated. Once the sequence is memorized and mastered it will provide the practitioner with true autonomy over his or her health.

The Ageless Mobility Reborn program was designed and presented by Gwint Fisher, RMAX International Head Coach, Team Leader and Director for North America.

Gwint Fisher MA, CSCS:

“My infatuation with human movement began when I was a young boy. I was constantly engaged in some type of sport throughout childhood and adolescence. Following that passion I decided to continue my study of the human body at Fresno State University while working to pay for my education as a personal trainer. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science in 2010 I incurred a debilitating injury that threatened the end my career in the fitness industry. During that time I came across a book, called FREE TO MOVE by Scott Sonnon. It changed my life. This book offered me insight in how my body was designed to move, and outlined a simple approach on how to regain that innate ability injury free. It took an entire year, but finally I was pain free. In 2013 I took my first Circular Strength Training certification (developed by Coach Sonnon), the world’s premiere Health First Fitness System, which sent me on a journey of exploration, adventure, and healing….

A journey that continues to this day. I have since been certified in Clubbell Athletics®, FlowFit®, Clubbell Yoga®, and the TACFIT® Fitness System… coined “The World’s Smartest Workout” by Men’s Health Magazine. These vehicles allow me to share more intelligent and advanced training methods in a manner that is accessible to everyone, at any level. They offer improvements in mobility, strength, power, coordination, agility, endurance, heart rate recovery, and above all create a healthy body that is resilient, and prepared to face the challenges of daily life.”

Q & A

This program will not only improve your overall ability to move freely and without pain; but it also offers an education in how your body functions. Ageless Mobility Reborn provides a framework for reclaiming your health!
No equipment necessary.
A consistent daily practice will help you feel better, move better, sleep better, increase energy, and prepare yourself for more challenging exercise programs in the future.
Absolutely! Ageless Mobility Reborn is a great place to start your fitness journey. It can be used as a self diagnostic tool to assess whether or not you are ready for more strenuous fitness programs.
Ageless Mobility is a low intensity program, but it may be slightly challenging depending on your current fitness (mobility) level. Review the movements in the videos first and practice establishing your structure. For every exercise in the sequence, move only to the degree that is comfortable to you. With practice, you will be able to access more and more.
Yes of course. Ageless Mobility Reborn is great as a standalone program, but due to its compensatory nature is actually ideal as a tool to offset the strain from your daily activities and other forms of exercise.
Ageless Mobility Reborn can be programmed into your existing training as a warmup or a dynamic cooldown. It also makes for a great "off" day protocol to keep your body in optimal condition in between your workouts and to get your prepared for the next physical challenge. Perform the individual segments, all 3 consecutively or select certain drills that you feel your body can benefit most from that particular day.
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Program Instructional Video

In this video Gwint will provide you with insight on the origins of Ageless Mobility Reborn and how to navigate the program to improve your overall health. He will review the goals of the program, and how it can be used as a warm-up to reset the nervous system by "cleaning the slate."

Structure Video

You will be instructed on how to stay connected to your spine through sensation. Starting from the bottom we review the foot stances which you will be prompted to move in and out of. At the top, head and neck position are established to provide connection to your spine; the feeling of "plugging in." Once plugged into the spine, the pelvis is guided into position by pressing your tailbone down towards the floor. Maintaining this structure we can now practice the step drill following a pattern moving from V to A. The step drill may feel awkward at first but the more it is practiced the faster it will be downloaded into your nervous system.

Survival Breathing Video

The breath provides us a with an element of control over what is going on inside these bodies of ours, but it needs to be practiced. Here you will be instructed on how to ignite your core through a controlled breathing exercise. Once you can take control of your breath by directing tension to the midsection, you will then be instructed on a vibration technique to release the rest of the tension in the limbs followed by the Vibration Collapse.

Arm Waves Video

The shoulder is the most complex joint in our body, but can be "reset" with a simple wave. Maintaining spinal structure as you practice this pattern is the goal here in both the one arm and two arm variation.

Upper Body Instructional Video

The basic survival breath will first wake you up by energizing the core. Then follow along as Gwint guides you through every joint in the upper body which includes the jaw, neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands and fingers in their most basic ranges.

Spine Instructional Video

This video series includes mobility drills for the mid back (thoracic region), the low back (lumbar region), and the pelvis. You will also be instructed through the vibration technique to redirect tension to the core where it belongs, and release it from the limbs.

Lower Body Instructional Video

Finishing up the sequence we move through the hips, knees, ankles, feet and toes. Vibration will once again aid you in releasing tension, but this time from both the limbs and the spine with the Vibration Collapse. This drill is a powerful tool, but will take time to learn how to perform properly in order to reap the full benefit from.

Follow Along Video

This follow along series uses the same audio from the instructional videos and combines all three segments (Upper Body, Spine, and Lower body) for the full Ageless Mobility Reborn practice. You can watch and follow along, or just use the audio to be reminded of what comes next. Our goal for this program is to memorize the order of the Ageless Mobility Reborn sequence so that it can be used as a warm-up anytime, anywhere.

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