As the founder of Clubbell Yoga, a cutting edge training technique practiced around the globe, I have worked with advanced yoga practitioners, high level athletes and everyone in between. I soon realized that the people who dedicated themselves to the Clubbell Yoga practice started to see not only their physical bodies transform... but their mental bodies as well. This is due to the fact that the body and mind are inextricably linked, and that Clubbell Yoga taps into this ancient wisdom in a very powerful way. I noticed that the instructors that I have been mentoring have gained a better understanding of movement, and in turn imparted that knowledge of ‘flow’ to their students. When a person embodies ‘flow’, they ramp up their performance and become able to tackle mental barriers that may have inhibited them from living their best self in the past.



Well thought out Yoga pose sequences have the potential to affect the physical AND mental body in a very specific way. Each of the 7 main energetic centers in the body are associated with characteristics that manifest into your life. Some yogis may refer to them as chakras, while science minded people may call them energy centers or areas of dense nerve innervation. I will refer to them as the 7 zones of mechanical advantage... since they directly correlate with the zones in our physical body.



Well trained yoga instructors know that some poses or sequence of poses may ground you, while others create a sense of water like fluidity. Some sequences may help you improve your will power and determination, while others may give you an emotional release in your chest or heart. Some sequences may help you find your voice and ablitity to speak your mind, and others may help you connect into your inner knowing or intution. The mind and body are braided together via our nervous system, and movement affects not only our vechicle (the physical body) but our consciousness as well (mental body). Flow is an invaluable tool to bring balance to both the physical and mental body.

Knowing that the ancient practice of yoga prepares the physical body for delving into would seem that we could use both phyiscal asana and asana based conditioning to create more balance. Not randomized balance or literal balance, but balance in the the energetic centers that are responsible for the mental attributes described above. As a yoga community, we lacked the knowledge of how to use asana based conditioning in order to create more balance in the 7 zones of mechanical advantage . As a strength community, we lacked the knowledge of how to sequence yoga poses to affect our 7 zones of mechanical advantage.

Recognizing this need, I got to work on creating a class series that would help people access more flow. We realized that Clubbell Yoga, a highly effective system, is still gaining a foothold in the yoga world. We also realized that we needed follow along classes for people to do at home or out in nature. We needed to make a program that focused on creating flow state, that one could simply plug in and play and practice in their own living room.


I knew there had to be a way to bridge the gap between the the science minded athletes/trainers and the essoteric yogis. So I set out to demonstrate that you can cultivate FlowState by using the Awaken/Condition/Practice method, and lead you every step of the way. Once I committed to teaching in this format at my home studio, I started to see the impact it had on my students. The Clubbell Yogis had greater proprioception, better alignment, more fluidity in transitions, more focus than any other group class that I had been a part of. The energy in the room was palpable. People were in their highest vibrational state, FlowState. I wanted to recreate that FlowState experience for my students that live in other states and abroad by leading them through an entire class. Some of my classes are taught in nature, and some are taught in a fitness studio. Regardless of the location, the intention is there and each class is programmed to charge up one or more of your 7 zones of mechanical advantage. Most athlete’s reasons for not practicing yoga regularly or consistently are:

  1. I don’t like the spiritual component of yoga studios
  2. I don’t feel challenged in yoga classes
  3. I don’t understand how to breath properly in a yoga class
  4. I don’t feel very relaxed at the end of a yoga class, when everyone is in corpse pose
  5. I am not flexible enough to do yoga
  6. Yoga is a waste of my valuable training time
  7. I don’t have time to do yoga

My job became obvious, I was to create a full length Clubbell Yoga class that would allow even the most hard bodied, non-yogi, lifters and everyday people to get to that calm FlowState during the practice. I was to apply my knowledge in biomechanics and physiology of Flow to the art of teaching yoga. I was to create consistent flow classes that would leave the practioner empowered, would affect their nervous system and provide them with a better understanding of alignment in poses.

What most people don’t know is that there is a very scientific phenomenon for why the Awaken/Condition/Practice format works so incredibly well for both yogis & athletes seeking to optimize performance. I don’t mean that in a bragadocious way at all, but I have seen the difference in people who practice poses and people who practice Flow. Let me say that again. Those who practice POSES, and those who practice FLOW. The latter are observed to transition more smoothly, have more balance, have better breath control and greater arm and leg endurance in power poses. I haven’t really revealed the scientific mechanism publicly until now. Let’s call it ‘Action Potential’ for now... the longer version is a bit more of a tongue teaser. Action Potential is impulse that allows nerves to communicate in the body. You experience this hundreds of times per day, whether or not you are aware of it.

When I was serving as an adjunct faculty for a local University, in the kinesiology department, my collegue was presenting her thesis work on Post Activation Potentiation. The technical science definition is here:

“PAP is a phenomenon by which the force exerted by a muscle is increased due to its previous contraction. Post-activation potentiation is a theory that purports that the contractile history of a muscle influences the mechanical performance of subsequent muscle contractions.”

Have I lost you? Stay with me, this is the cornerstone of why Clubbell Yoga is so incredibly effective. I found out that my teaching collegue measured the degree of Post Activation Potentiation on softball players, and revealed some interesting findings. She had the players do a test swing, then swing a bat that was chained to a dugout fence, then immediately swing a regular bat. The players consistently swung faster after being met with resistance. Why? They stored the contractile history of the motor unit recruitment in their nervous system. When they tried swinging a regular bat, their power had increased consistently.

A huge lightbulb when off for me... Clubbells are like bats, and we move them with power and speed as we transition from pose to pose (Practice), or as we do repetitions of Clubbell Yoga exercises (Condition). Our nervous systems started storing the contractile history of our Clubbell weighted exercises, and Clubbell Yoga poses. The results after we took the Clubbell away were pretty astonishing. The Clubbell Yogis had greater stamina, better alignment, more muscle activation all around during poses and reported greater focus and ability to stay present due to using the Clubbell. Most importantly, the awaken condition and practice format led them to experience Flow. I wanted to know if this phenomenon could work for any Body, regardless of age, skill level, or experience with yoga. So I stared putting it to the test in my large group classes, in my workshops with my “strength & conditioning focused non-yogis’, and in my client sessions with my mature adult clients.

Class after class, I would get similar feedback: “I was able to achieve poses that I never could before.” “I normally fidget and my mind wanders in savasana. In Clubbell Yoga Flow class my entire body was worked, and I totally surrendered in savasana.” “I felt like I was able to access a sort of ‘flow’ that I have never been able to achieve in other yoga classes.”

Or my personal favorite: “I feel like my entire body got a fascial massage.”

As I started to create a profile for the non-yogis that came to me for coaching, I started recognizing similar patterns. Firstly and most commonly, their nervous systems were so amped up that they needed to be met with a higher degree of stimulation and focus during a yoga session. They needed to spend time in Flow.

By holding the Clubbell during exercises & poses, they impacted their nervous system in a totally different way than conventional yoga. Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential allowed them to integrate a strong physical practice with mindful breath training, resulting in more time spent in FlowState (also known as ‘the zone’). Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential also doubled as a way for yogis to access ‘the zone’ which differs from ‘the zen zone’ that they may be accustomed to working in. Both yogis and non-yogis have been praising Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential for helping them to better undertstand the biomechanics of yoga poses, the breathwork that accompanies it, and Flow. It is no coincidence Flow is acheived when sequences are taught progressively with an emphasis on motor control theory. It follows the principles of science, but integrates the art of teaching movement.

Yoga and Fitness are thriving in our country right now, however Flow is an emerging industry that includes aspects of both. Clubbell Yoga Action Potential weaves elements of breathwork and traditional flow yoga with Clubbell Conditioning in a follow along format, very similar to how I teach in person. The most common feedback after teaching using this format at big workshops or seminars is: how can I practice like this at home? This is our very first “follow along from start to finish” product, where you can literally press play and it is as if you were in a class or session directly with me.

CBY Action Potential is comprised of 6 full length follow along classes each with a focus on one or more of the 7 zones of mechanical advantage in the body. When you practice all six classes in order, you will bring balance to your entire system on both the musculoskeletal level and the more subtle energetic levels. Breathwork and somatic training are key elements of the coaching cues in CBY Action Potential, and are taught from a non-dogmatic viewpoint.

Athletes attending a yoga class may not be able to access the poses due to chronically shortened muscles, while yogis steer clear of strength and conditioning work because it detracts from their flexibility. Both yogis and athletes needed dynamic mobility training with a purpose, instead of randomized workouts or flows. CBY Action Potential bridges the gap between strength and yoga by providing a full length class with elements of both yoga based conditioning and yoga flows. People who struggled with finding coordination to flow in traditional yoga classes praise CBY Action Potential for taking them step by step through the process of building both FlowStateofMind and Flow level of breath.

There are a ton of yoga sculpt classes and cardio bootcamp yoga classes on the market, but Clubbell Yoga Action Potential is in a class of it’s own. There is absolutely no competition. Some fitness yoga fusion classes make you burn, some classes make you sweat, where as Clubbell Yoga Action Potential makes you breathe AND think. You will be challenged both physically and mentally and given the coaching cues to build your practice upon strength, endurance and stamina. I challenge anyone to go through the 6 classes using a 4 day wave, considering this a low or mod day, and track their physiological responses to stress. By going through these 6 classes on a regular basis for atleast 3 months, you will be able to access FlowState more readily. You will also dramatically increase your ability to hold yoga poses (whether you currently practice yoga or not). Athletes will become more flexible and able to access breath, while yogis build strength and endurance while hightening their somatic awareness of muscles during poses. CBY Action Potential is for everyone who wants to improve their yoga, fitness, athleticism, breathe and somatic awareness. This program can be practiced anywhere with any mobile device: in your living room, your yoga studio, your gym, vacation, hotels, you name it. It is completely portable and requires only a set of mini-Clubbells (3 or 5lbs), a mat and your commitment to practice.

Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential will completely transform your yoga practice, whether a yogi or an athlete in countless ways.

  • Do you want to have a greater ability to harness power?
  • Do you need to get better sleep?
  • Do you want to learn to release tension chronically stored in your body?
  • Would you love to rebalance the asymmetries in your body?
  • Could your practice use more dynamic flexibility training?
  • Gain more awareness of your inner core?
  • Have you tried everything to reduce pain in your joints?
  • Do you have a desire to promote healing of old injuries?
  • Do you want a practice that will allow you to gain muscle definition in shoulders, core and legs?
  • Do you crave challenging and engaging workouts for your mind?

This body of work got its testing grounds from my experience teaching hundreds of group classes around the world using the Awaken, Condition, Practice format. I used knowledge gained from teaching the most beginning yogis, to the most advanced practitioners. Some of my beta testers were in my classes at festivals like Wanderlust or Victoria Yoga conference, some at private retreats. Other beta testers attended regional workshops and seminars, where I always start each one with an intentional sequence like the ones you will see in Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential.

Clubbell Yoga has evolved since it’s original conception into a true blend of yoga, conditioning for yoga, deep stretches and holds and restoration. When you watch each class, you will go through the entire process of awaken, condition, practice and be guided through every step of the way. You will always be offered modifications, and will be encouraged to breathe in every pose. Through regular and committed practice, you will start to see your energy shift toward more flow with ease.

Summer Huntington created Clubbell Yoga in 2011, with the blessing of long time coach Scott Sonnon. She is a Head Coach for RMAX International and teaches movement seminars all over the world. Summer holds a Masters in Kinesiology and has served as adjunct faculty member at WWU. Coach Summer has taught Clubbell Yoga at Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Victoria Yoga Conference and has contributed to Shape Magazine. Summer is currently the CEO of Fit Body Wellness, a premier private training & coaching studio established in 2009. This year, 2016, Summer created a Success Coaching program called FlowStateofMind Coaching, launched a new event called Urban Flow Fest and continues to be a leader in the Flow industry alongside her colleagues at RMAX.



What size of Clubbell do I need?

I suggest holding a 5lb and a 3lb weight out at arms length (with elbow straight). Which one feels more sustainable? Use your intuition to decide which weight is appropriate for you considering that many poses and exercise require holding the arm out at arms length for up to a minute.

How many Clubbells do I need?

For this program, only one Clubbell is needed. In other programs, like Primal 12 ( you would need two.

How is this program different from the Original Clubbell Yoga DVD and Primal 12?

Clubbell Yoga has evolved over the years, and this video incorporates the 3 signature components of my in person classes: Awaken, Condition, Practice. Each class presents those components in that order, in a follow along format. The Condition portion of classes in this program utilizes a 90 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest protocol. This differs from Clubbell Yoga Original DVD, where the 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions format is used. This also differs from Primal 12, which implements 5 different High Intensity Interval formats like EMOTM, AMRAP, and others. Primal 12 is designed to for the user to watch the exercises for technique and then do the workout with a journal, monitoring their own intensity. In contrast, Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential is completely follow along and great for all levels. It is challenging enough for the experienced, but accessible for the new practioner. Visual learners will love this program, because they can practice along with me.

How do I get started?

Get a yoga mat, a Clubbell and a journal. Start committing to practicing a few times a week. Get connected to our Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential private facebook page for support.

How can I start a mindfulness practice?

Every morning, begin your day with 10 minutes of focused breathing, silence and reflection. Check out this simple video here.

What is included in this program?

6 different follow along classes, each one over 75 minutes of instruction, breathwork and coaching with Summer Huntington, founder of Clubbell Yoga. Each class features music from local Seattle electronic artist Branden Clark (IG88).

Six Full Length Follow Along Classes

Grounding Flow
Fluidity Flow
Will Power Flow
Heart Opening Flow
Throat Opening Flow
Intuition & Inner Knowing Flow

Can I use this with Clubbell Yoga or other RMAX programs?

Yes, of course! For those accustomed to a 4 day wave... This would be considered a low or moderate intensity day, depending on your fitness level. People familiar with Heavy Clubbell Programs, TACFIT and other CST programs may find it to be moderate intensity. Clubbell Yogis who have completed Primal 12, may percieve this as low intensity in comparison due to the endurance and stamina that they have developed (sport specific adaptation).

What if I am out of shape?

Keep in mind that 75 minutes of sustained Clubbell Yoga practice may be percieved as high intensity for deconditioned or sedentary individuals. In that case, practice the awakening section as low intensity, the conditioning as moderate/high, and the practice as low/moderate intensity. You can definitely use this program to start building a practice no matter what fitness level you are.

I want to get better at yoga, will this help?

Absolutely. This program is easy to access, follow and will help you better understand flows, pose sequences, transitions, core stability and shoulder mobility.

What are the benefits I can expect from using this program?

Sustained practice 4X per week, for atleast 3 months will allow you to develop better balance, more stamina in yoga power poses, stronger core, more dynamic mobility, more flexibility in shoulders, spine, hips and hamstrings and much more. You will also experience Flow, moving with confidence and purpose.

I want to learn to teach Clubbell Yoga, do I need to be a Yoga instructor?

Clubbell Yoga Seminars are open to anyone with a desire to teach movement. Group Fitness teaching experience is helpful, but you will learn the fundementals of this practice at the seminar and all levels are welcome. You need not be a Yoga teacher to attend a seminar, Clubbell Yoga seminars at The curriculum is recognized as 20 CECs by NASM for personal trainers, and also by the Yoga Alliance as continuing education.

How long has Clubbell Yoga been around?

Summer Huntington, long time student of Scott Sonnon, did her first youtube video of Clubbell Yoga in 2011. After a very positive response from the RMAX community and beyond, she committed to developing this program. She has created several training manuals, instructor training programs and follow along videos for people to learn this practice. Clubbell Yoga integrates traditional and classical asana with modern biomechanical principles of using Clubs in movement practice. Clubs have been used througout history in various training modalities, while yoga has been around since ancient times. Clubbell Yoga merges two disciplines, classical asana and clubs, making it a timeless stand alone practice.

Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential if for anyone wanting to start the process of unwinding, reconnecting and maximizing potential. Join our interactive facebook group to stay connected to the tribe of people practicing Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential. Interact with other new Clubbell Yogis, Clubbell Yoga instructors and Flow seekers. This is more than just exercise... it’s a mindset. Get ready to transform your body and mind! Don’t wait another minute to get started!

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Six Full Length Follow Along Classes

All 6 Classes: Each class (75 to 90 minutes long) begins with Awakening drills and flows that prime the specific movement patterns. Second phase of class is Conditioning, which is comprised of 4 Clubbell Yoga conditioning exercises in a 90/30seconds work/rest ratio. Lastly, the Practice section reinforces the previous sections with a weighted and unweighted yoga flow, complimentary to the zone of mechanical advantage presented.

Grounding Flow

This flow was filmed in an apple orchard in the fall time. The conditioning exercises and flows focus on balance, endurance and grounding. Take it slow, and don’t forget to breathe deeply.

Hip Fluidity Flow

This full length flow class was filmed at Sawaya Fitness, owned by Alaina Sawaya (CST Instructor/Clubbell Yoga Ambassador). Summer leads you through all types of hip mobilizing drills, conditioning exercises and hip opening flows.

Will Power Flow

This full length flow class was filmed in a grass field, a very wide open space perfect for yoga. Summer leads you through various core strengthening conditioning exercises, twists and poses that focus on the same.

Heart Opening Flow

This full length flow class was filmed in the woods, under a canopy of trees. Summer guides you to practice backbending and poses focused on spine flexibility.

Throat Opening Flow

This full length flow class was filmed in a private fitness studio owned by Travis Janeway packed with Kettlebells, Rings, a climbing wall, maces, and other uncoventional training equipment. Summer guides you through neck mobility in all conditioning exercises and flows.

Intuition & Inner Knowing Flow

This full length flow class was filmed at a local box, and inspires balance and inversion preparation. Summer guides you through finding spinal alignment, practicing inversion and releasing fear.

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